About HongStarr

Hong’s DJ journey began in his teenage years, when he started spinning RnB and hip-hop records at house parties in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Determination fueled his quest to save up for his dream Technics 1200’s, which became the catalyst for honing his skills and landing gigs at clubs and events. As the EDM wave surged, Hong’s sound evolved, making him an adaptable and dynamic DJ who effortlessly fuses various genres. His knack for keeping the dancefloor packed garnered him a devoted fan base, solidifying his status as a top choice for any event.

Following a long hiatus, DJ HongStarr made a triumphant return to the Latin Dance Scene in 2019, swiftly establishing himself as a sought-after DJ for local events and major festivals. Possessing an infectious spirit and a flair for pushing boundaries, HongStarr consistently ensures the party never stops, earning him rapid acclaim as a crowd favourite in the scene.