A genre-fluid DJ, Hong is a rising starr in Melbourne’s thriving Bachata dance community. He holds a residency at Vodka Temple and is the headliner for Bachata ConeXion events.

Sample Mixes

CRT - Tech House Live Mix

Groovy tech-house set with funky beats that you can bop to.

Weekly Bachata Live Mix

A sample live recording of a weekly residency set @ Vodka Temple of approx 70% Bachata, 20% Salsa, 10% Kizomba +

God Is A DJ - Tech House Live Mix #2

Up-tempo vocal driven tech-house set, assembled with tracks and remixes produced by two dance music legends of our time – Deadmau5 & Morgan Page.

DJing IS both an art and a science, but ultimately it's about giving the audience an awesome time.

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